Experience the-art-of-state smart parking system

Improving cities to manage parking assets and provide the best parking experience for drivers, merchants and solution providers.

Smart on-street parking system

The ParkingTrack™ is the intelligent parking system with the IoT and AI technologies

Simple user experiences

Why ParkingTrack™ should be considered


ParkingTrack™ is much cheaper and more convenient

Optimized in on-street parking spaces without entrance

Collecting and transferring parking information such as parking congestion and parking fee to centralized control center

Providing more transparent way when collecting parking fee and monitoring various parking information

ParkingTrack™ big data helps city planning

Parking lot staff

ParkingTrack™ provides mobile application for the parking lot attendants

ParkingTrack™ computerizes all of data from the parking lot

ParkingTrack™ supports previous way to collect the parking fee without mobile payments

ParkingTrack™ reduces parking lot attendants with automatic and easy mobile payments


ParkingTrack™ supports mobile payments without automated fare adjustment machine

ParkingTrack™ shows the best parking spaces with analyzing big data for various information

Centralized monitoring system (ParkingEye)

Continuous monitoring and controlling system for the parking staff

User-friendly Mobile App (mr.Park)


Provides the best parking lot for the quickest park


Mobile payment


Provides the parking spaces available to park


Instruct your car location


Parking lot map


Give you the direction to the parking lot